Trump thanks LL Bean; Trump may or may not be best buds with Kremlin…U decide!

The fun never ends. And Trump isn’t even president yet! Two topics:

Bigmouth Trump advertises for LL Bean

Trump made a shout out to outdoors clothing manufacturer LL Bean:


This resulted in calls to boycott LL Bean. added it to its list of commercial entities to boycott.

Should you boycott LL Bean if you are anti-Trump? Well, it’s not so simple. Linda Bean, one of the 50+ family members involved in the business was the main reason for Trump’s praise, but others are quick to point out that others in the Bean family have supported Democrats and that Linda Bean does not represent the company as a whole (read about it here  and here.

My opinion? I’m glad you asked. I’m not sure that LL Bean is worthy of a full fledged boycott. Nor do I agree with boycotting everything on the list because some are simply retailers that carry “Trump” and “Ivanka” products. Boycotting the products is more productive than boycotting the retailers unless they actively supported Trump in a direct way. But for transparency’s sake, is a good list to peruse and you can make your own decisions.

What’s more important about Trump’s tweet is that he still fails to realize that he is in a position of great influence and it is inappropriate for him to give advertising to commercial entities. Now I seem to recall seeing Obama in a Weatherproof ad before.
I wasn’t too keen on that, but at least it didn’t seem to me to be such a blatant tit-for-tat shout out as reward for political support. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but the point is Trump is not careful about what spills out of his fat pie-hole. He seems oblivious to the fact that his words have consequences. Their effects on LL Bean is one thing. When it comes to international affairs it is quite another. I’m not jaded enough yet to see the humor in possible nuclear outcomes, but the 8-Ball points to Trump not learning a damn thing, so I guess we all have to start developing that jaded sense of humor posthaste.

In other news…

Trump in collusion with the Russians?

This dossier thing of Trump is not going away anytime soon.

There is one link right there, but just do an internet search using your favorite search engine to find more. It’s all over the place. Detractors say it’s a ridiculous example of fake news. Proponents say that it must be investigated because the implications are damning.

Here’s what I think:

I’ve read throught the 35 page document (which you can find here) and yes, it does sound shocking and maybe a little far-fetched, but just believeable enough.
It is all, as of yet, unsubstantiated, but seeing as how it came from what intelligence officials consider to be a reliable source, it should definitely be investigated. Here are my initial impressions. It is either:

1) a true report of unverified claims. This means that these are the claims as reported to the compiler of the report, but the claims themselves have not yet been proven or may be inaccurate. Or…

2) a fabricated document,  completely false, intended to discredit Trump and his administration.

Note that the first option does not mean that I believe everything in the dossier is true. It just means that these are the claims and they bear further investigation. At any rate, these are allegations and claims made by sources two or three degrees removed. Just claims. Therefore, not “fake news.”

And if it were “fake news” doesn’t Trump deserve it? After all, he promoted the outlandish “birther” theories about Obama for years. And Trump’s National Security Nutjob Michael Flynn helped to spread the ridiculous “pizzagate” controversy. If it is, indeed, “fake news” then isn’t this a case of what’s being good for the goose being good for the gander? To quote Flynn: “U decide!”

Of course, I don’t really think that fake propaganda reporting should take place in any case. And I also think that many of the claims made in the report, while unverified, are verifiable. There may be some very interesting news items coming soon.

One thing rings true, however. Trump does have a penchant for things made of gold.
Is a golden shower that hard to believe?



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