Steve Harvey deserves your scorn


Comedian and TV host Steve Harvey met with Donald Trump on Friday to discuss “housing issues.” What a millionaire comedian with no government policy experience knows about inner city housing issues I haven’t a clue. Nevertheless, there he was, another character in Trump’s newest reality show.

While I was never really into Harvey as a comedian, I’ve seen his talk show and I’ve seen him on Family Feud and I knew that the produced movies and wrote books. I generally liked him since he seemed like a nice guy and I respected that he was a hard working man with a lot of projects going on. What a guy. All that respect is now down the drain. And it’s not just because he’s out there kissing Trump’s ass. It’s also because Steve Harvey is a just a plain ol’ racist.

Harvey’s going to court this month for a lawsuit over a racist rant in which he allegedly states “I hate whites.” You’d think that he might want to tone the racism down a bit then, but noooo…. On the January 12th Steve Harvey Show Harvey once again decided to go racist, this time targeting Asian men.

It’s been my observation that the Asian demographic, and Asian men in particular, is the only demographic for which racist statements can go almost unnoticed or even excused. I mean, it hasn’t hurt Ice Cube‘s career any. Many people are quick to excuse the racism in his song “Black Korea” by claiming that it was a response to racism by Korean merchants in LA. I don’t buy it. Fighting racism with more racism? Bullshit. Yet, “Black Korea” is largely forgotten today and Ice Cube has profited well from his career.

But times are changing and people all over the internet are refusing to give Harvey a pass. Incredibly, Harvey said (linked above):

“I ain’t been laughing that much over the past few days,” Mr. Harvey said. “They’re kinda beating me up on the internet right now for no reason. But, you know, that’s life, ain’t it?”

Really? For no reason? He doesn’t even realize what he did to deserve our scorn.

So I have lost all respect for Steve Harvey and his brand of “humor.” To quote Tyler the Creator: Fuck Steve Harvey.

[edited: no need to quote Tyler the Creator. He’s kind of a dick too, so fuck him. And still, fuck Steve Harvey.]

But back to Trump. This is the kind of person that Trump associates with to get things done: know-nothing racist celebrities. It’s going to be a long four years.


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