Trump’s war on the environment begins

The Trump administration has ordered a media blackout on the EPA and a freeze on contracts. And thus it begins: Trump’s war on the environment.

Conservatives in the US, in general, disbelieve in environmental protection and the effects of global warming, despite scientific evidence. Trump and his administration have been particularly hostile, and the Environmental Protection Agency is one of their main targets.

So why are Trump and his fat-cat cronies so down on protecting the environment? It affects the bottom line, of course. It’s another obstacle to $$$, acquisition of wealth. Do they honestly not believe that the Earth is affected? Probably. They don’t see the garbage collectors taking out their garbage, the truck going to the landfill, the toxic wastes building up. To them garbage is gone once they’ve fed their fat faces and thrown the candy bar wrapper in the bin.Ā  And the rest of the population suffers. Their motto: “Better the best and fuck the rest.” Trump makes big talk about being “for the people,” when his actions say otherwise.

Yes, Trump’s anti-environmental position riles me. But I fear this is just a taste of things to come.


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