Trump will investigate “voter fraud” in effort to prove he is the biggest asshole

Everyday it’s something with this guy. If Trump’s first few days into his presidency are any indication, the next four years are going to be fucking exhausting.


Amongst a flurry of post-election activities, Trump is initiating an insane investigation into alleged “voter fraud,” stemming from his claims that Hillary Clinton’s victory in the popular vote in the 2016 election was the result of illegal voters, a claim that is widely discounted and for which there is no evidence.

It is absolutely ridiculous to waste money and resources in an effort to confirm Trump’s delusions and feed his ego. This is what crazy people do. And besides, Trump won the election! Why bother with it? I can only think of two possibilities:

1) his ego is so out of control that he cannot stand for people to think that he came up second in anything and/or…

2) this is a distraction to keep us from digging too deeply into his other controversies.

I tend to think that both cases hold up. It is well-known that his ego is of legendary proportions, but the fact that his administration allows him to spread this nonsense seems indicative to me that there is more going on than meets the eye.

What comes to mind is the scandal on the Trump dossier, of which there hasn’t been much recently on the news about. But several federal agencies are reportedly investigating the issue.

Naturally, this is something the Trump camp would want to minimize. I’m sure they are hoping that this issue gets lost amidst other Trump craziness in the public eye. But if the allegations in the memo are true, it would explain a lot, as well as be catastrophically devastating to Trump’s credibility.

In the meantime we have to put up with this insanity of chasing Trump’s delusions.


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