Trump’s press conference was a trainwreck

Donald Trump held a seventy-five minute press conference today.

I didn’t catch all of it. I caught most of it and what I saw was aptly called by many media outlets “remarkable.” It was remarkable, but not in a good way. Trump was combative with reporters and openly called for”friendly” questions. He kept going to back to his 2016 campaign and attacking Hillary Clinton, whom he ran against. He deflected questions away from Russia and the recently dismissed Michael Flynn, saying that Flynn did nothing wrong but was let go because he lied to Mike Pence (*ahem*, about doing something wrong).

Aside from the actual questions and answers, what I noticed most was Trump’s demeanor. He was defensive, and derisive towards certain media outlets at times with awkward back-and-forths taking place with some. At times he tried to inject some charm which seemed to me slightly uncomfortable moments. As a whole, the press conference was incoherent and appeared to me to be a sign that Trump is cracking under the pressure.

Honestly, I found it disturbing. As much as I disagree with Trump’s policies and dislike him and many of his staff personally, we cannot have a government that falls apart like this. Of course, I don’t wish to see his agendas with regard to policy succeed, but at the same time the presidency (that is, the office of the presidency) cannot fail. Trump is already falling apart and the US is becoming a laughing stock. A frighteningly powerful laughing stock, but a laughing stock nonetheless.

Trump is clearly out of his depth as president. He is a businessman and entertainer. He keeps pointing out that he is not a “politician.” But you know what? Maybe a politician is someone we need. You know, someone who has, like, some experience with making policy?

This is a show in which Trump is not executive producer and it’s apparent that’s something he can’t handle.


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