Donald Trump is a security risk


We all know that Donald Trump loves to tweet whatever pops into his little pea brain and this hasn’t abated since he assumed the presidency. Apparently, he usually tweets from an unsecured Android smart phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3, and it looks like there’s not much we can do about it.The Secret Service as well as his aides have tried to get him to give up his beloved smart phone in favor of something more secure, but attempts thus far have been fruitless.

I’m sure you see the irony of this. For someone who constantly criticized Hillary Clinton’s information security practices, Trump doesn’t have a whole lot to stand on. True, Clinton practiced extremely poor infosec. Aside from the use of private servers for email, she used her own unapproved BlackBerry when a request for a secure BlackBerry was denied by the NSA.

But Trump’s use of his favorite smart phone, an old (2012) model that is particularly vulnerable to hacking, gives him no high ground. His practices are at least equally bad. Kind of silly, coming from someone who claims to “know a lot about hacking” (by the way, where are the revelations he promised?).

Couple this with other security gaffes (the Mar-a-Lago thing and leaving classified material lying around) and it’s obvious that Trump isn’t taking security seriously.


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