Trump installs “piece of ass” daughter in White House

Trump: “She’s always been quite voluptuous.”  Creepy.

The big story this week of course is FBI Director James Comey‘s testimony before congress, stating that he has found no basis in Trump’s accusations of Obama wire tapping and that they are indeed investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. But come on. I think we all knew that already, yeah? Amidst all that hubbub is another news story: apparently, Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka is going to get an office in the West Wing of the White House. But get this: she won’t actually be a government employee.

Despite this little technicality, she will receive a security clearance without having to <sarcasm>lower herself to the indignity of a background check</sarcasm> and have the use of  government-provided communication devices. She will be unpaid and, therefore, not an official employee, and will not be necessarily bound by federal ethics rules, though she has said she will “voluntarily” follow them. How magnanimous.

All this, but she has no job title and we have no clue what she will actually be doing there in the White House. Presumably, she will act as an “informal advisor” to daddy dearest, according to her attorney, his “eyes and ears.” So, like a White House snitch.

Ivanka Trump, who is married to businessman-with-no-policy-experience-turned-White-House-advisor Jared Kushner, will now join her husband and her father at the White House. But, like her husband and her father, she has no government or service experience and is still steeped in conflicts of interest. She has reportedly stepped down from her companies, but instead of placing those assets in a blind trust, she placed them in the control of her husband’s family. So, essentially, she hasn’t effectively separated herself from her businesses. One can only wonder how this will work out since Papa Trump has, in the past, tweeted as POTUS in defense of his daughter’s fashion line and Trump-acolyte-turned-White-House-adviser Kellyanne Conway shilled Ivanka Trump products on TV.

If you ask me, this whole thing stinks. Ivanka Trump has no place in the White House, having access to the President’s ear and access to classified information. Sure, one may agree with her father that she is a “piece of ass,” but she has no place in the White House.

I have little doubt Trump and Kushner will do their best to bully the rest of the staff to let Ivanka sit in on meetings that she has no place to be in. If Trump’s cronyism hasn’t been obvious thus far, the installation of his daughter in the White House should make it clear.


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