“Weird shit” in the White House


George W. Bush’s assessment of Trump’s inauguration: “That was some weird shit.”

Succinct, accurate and hilarious. But the inauguration was nothing compared to what’s happened after the inauguration.

Michael Flynn wants immunity.

What is this, an episode of “24?” Seems like in every season of “24” someone wants immunity from prosecution in exchange for info (and there’s always an inside man or woman). Anyway, the shady former national security advisor for Trump wants immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony regarding the investigation into Trump’s connection with Russia. Kinda funny considering both his and Trump’s attitudes toward those who requested immunity during last year’s elections. Lots of people are wondering why Flynn made this request. What does he know?  Anyway, so far his request for immunity has been rejected by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

And, by the way, White House financial disclosures are out and Flynn failed to report income from Russian firms. To paraphrase Flynn himself, “LOCK HIM UP!”

That’s some weird shit, right there.

In some more weird shit: “piece-of-ass” presidential daughter Ivanka Trump,

whom her father recently installed into the White House without an official position will now join hubby Jared Kushner as an official federal employee. They are giving her some kind of bullshit title of “adviser” or something, but it’s not like she has any experience with government or policy, which is about par with most of Trump’s staff.

One thing that has been pointed out, though, is now that she is a federal employee she is subject to ethics regulations.

We’ll see how this plays out. She, her husband and her dad are rife with conflicts of interest, but so far they’ve just given us the middle finger on that matter. “Fuck you. We’re rich.”

Weird shit indeed.


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