Syria, Gorsuch and Twitter

It’s a busy Friday, so let’s get to it:

Missile strike against Syria

In response to Syria’s chemical attack against its own citizens, the US yesterday initiated a missile strike  against the Syrian airbase that launched that attack. It’s getting a mixed reaction among congress.

Although the Syrian government deserves it, I have to say that kind of power in the hands of a man with Trump’s temperament is a scary prospect. Trump seems to have been affected by the horrific images of Syrian civilians, to include children, in agony from the chemical attack and it has changed his view regarding US involvement in Syria. One can only hope that  Trump might develop some compassion for the refugees and be willing to help them more.

Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

Here’s the low-down:

1. Obama is president. Antonin Scalia dies and needs to be replaced. Obama picks a nominee, as is his duty.

2. Republicans throw a hissy fit because they don’t want an Obama nominee. They ignore the pick.

3. Trump is president. Nominates Gorsuch.

4. Democrats don’t like it. They filibuster. Gorsuch doesn’t get the votes.

5. The Republicans say (and I’m paraphrasing), “Fuck you. Fuck democracy. Fuck what we’ve been doing for the past 200 years. We’re changing the rules.” And Gorsuch gets confirmed.

Lesson learned: Rules and order don’t mean shit anymore because they can be changed at any time to fit our goals. Good to know.

Twitter v. United States

This was over almost as soon as it started, but it never should have started. Apparently, the US government issued a summons to Twitter to put names to an anonymous Twitter account critical of the Trump administration. Twitter sued, but the government dropped the summons, Twitter dropped the suit and now it’s all over.

The US government never had a chance. This wasn’t about national security, this was only about exposing a Trump critic. But it goes to show that we live in interesting times and we should never take our privacy for granted.


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