Gorka the Dorka leaving White House for shadier pastures

“That’s Doctor Gorka to you, buddy.”

Hey, have you heard of this guy, Sebastian Gorka? He currently works for Trump in the White House, but CNN says that he is due to leave the White House soon for an outside federal job, but what that will be no one can say. I’ve been meaning to write about this guy for a while because he’s just another figure in the rogue’s gallery of shady people who seem to gravitate around Trump.

Gorka, who is officially Deputy Assistant to the President, has billed himself as a “counterterrorism expert” and “irregular warfare expert” and since earning his PhD will not let you forget that it’s Doctor Gorka, buddy. Many, however, have questioned his credentials and he’s hardly universally recognized as an authority. Unsurprisingly, Gorka has been a vocal critic of “radical Islam.” Also unsurprisingly, Gorka has worked as an editor at Breitbart News. And if that weren’t enough, he also has rather unabashed ties to a historically Nazi-affiliated outfit.

I find this guy offensive on so many levels and the fact that this self-aggrandizing charlatan has wormed his way so close to the United States’ highest office is troubling. He’s garnered controversy due to his views, and while one might speculate that this departure from the White House is a move to distance it from the controversy, sources indicate that Gorka has rather been in a “holding pattern” while he waited for his real position,  which is also troubling.

This won’t be my only time writing about Gorka, I’m sure. Despite being a “counterterrorism expert,” no one is really sure what Gorka actually did at the White House, except for delivering TV interviews on counterterrorism, giving White House tours and “peeling out in his Mustang.” All I know is that this guy is shady, and although I’d like to say this is the last we’ll hear of this so-called “expert,” I don’t think that will be the case.


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