Trump’s henchman leaked SecDef’s private cellphone numner


Every James Bond villain worth his salt has a henchman. Donald Trump has one, too. His name is Keith Schiller.

Schiller, a former NYPD police officer, made a name for himself by being Trump’s longtime personal bodyguard and now works as Director of Oval Office Operations, for some reason. He’s known for roughing up protestors and, most recently, for being Trump’s axe-man in the firing of James Comey.

He, reportedly, is Trump’s most trusted man in the White House. But if you’re planning a surprise party for Trump, it would be wise to leave him out of the loop.

Looks like Schiller’s not too good at opsec. Apparently, he leaked Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ private cellphone number. He had written Mattis’ phone number on a yellow sticky note stuck on the outside of some folders he was carrying in public and was photographed. Rachel Manteuffel, who wrote the story in The Washington Post, called the number. She got his voicemail. And, no, she did not put his number in the story.

Trump may like Schiller because Schiller’s loyal. But he ain’t too bright. But then, henchmen aren’t known for being bright.


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