More evidence that Trump is a dick: Trump manhandles foreign leader at NATO photo op

Donald Trump shoves Dusko Markovic aside because that’s what bullies do.

Turns out Trump is not just a dick at home, but also when visiting foreign countries, as evident by him shoving Dusko Markovic,  the leader of Montenegro, out of the way to get at the front of the crowd of NATO leaders during a group photo opportunity at he NATO summit. You can watch a video of the shove here

Markovic, to his credit, did not appear upset about it, but if it were me I probably would have shoved back. Watching the video, Trump has a “get the hell outta my way” expression on his face as he shoves Markovic out of the way, fixes his suit coat (which is perpetually unbuttoned, it seems, even when standing), and does his best Mussolini impression, looking down his nose at the scene before him. Markovic, likely thinking, “What the fuck,” simply smiles and give Trump a pat on the back. So what does that say when a leader of a small Balkan nation with a population of 600,000 has the grace to excuse the boorish behavior of the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth?

There are a ton of other things to write about, but this shove by Trump can’t go unnoted because this is something everyone can relate to. Would you stand for this while standing in line at the bank or the supermarket? There is no “excuse me” from Trump; not even a little self-effacing smile or even a friendly acknowledgment of Markovic. Trump doesn’t have the charm for that. Worse, Trump doesn’t have the consideration of others for that.  Trump is a boor. Trump is a bully. Let’s face it: our president is a dick. It’s no wonder his wife is sick of him.


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