FBI thought Gorka was wack and fired his ass

“You shall address me as ‘Doctor Gorka’ and be impressed by my British accent and commanding gaze. And I hate Muslims.”

More like “Dumb-ass-tian Dorka,” am I right? Have I used that joke before? Whatever, what the hell is this guy still doing around the White House? I thought he was supposed to be leaving the White House so that he may more effectively spew his Islamophobic bile in another capacity.

Gorka, who insists on being called “doctor” since earning his PhD (if you ask me, it was just more B.S.), bills himself as a “counterterrorism expert,” though his credentials are dubious and I don’t think anyone of any standing in national security and intelligence circles takes him seriously. Apparently, the FBI thinks he’s a quack, too, since they fired him for his constant haranguing of Muslims during lectures on counterterrorism. The article linked above from The Daily Beast does a good job of going over Gorka’s bigoted history, so I don’t need to do that here, but I’d be remiss if I failed to remind my dear readers that Gorka also has ties to an anti-Semitic group. Even though Gorka’s bigotry is repugnant, I am almost as equally offended by his pompous pretense in calling himself a “counterterrorism expert” when he is actually no more than a fat jerk with van dyke and an over-inflated sense of self-importance.

It looks like Gorka hasn’t left the White House yet, and I’m not really surprised. Trump has no embarrassment at associating with a variety of anti-Muslim conspiracy theorists: Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Alex Jones, that asshole Sheriff what’s-his-name. I’m not suprised that Gorka is still around.


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