Donald Trump is nuckin’ futs.

“They’re coming to take me away, hee heee!”

Let’s go over the past week:

Does this seem normal to you? This seems to me beyond what most people would consider sensible, reasonable behavior. I always figured Trump to be a spoiled, narcissistic, moronic asshole, but it’s time I seriously consider the possibility that Donald Trump is fuckin’ nuts.

This notion has been posited before. As we get deeper into the his presidency Trump’s mental instability is becoming more and more apparent. And I think this also plays into the Trump-Russia scenario; a man with mental hang-ups like Trump is easier to exploit.

Even if the Russia thing turns out to be a dead-end (yeah, right) I think at least we will be exposed further to Trump’s mental incapacity. Trump is beyond merely politically inexperienced. He’s beyond mere incompetence. I think he has a severe mental problem. He may have been able to get by with it in the business and entertainment world, but as the leader of the free world? Does anybody of any political stripe think Trump’s behavior makes sense?


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