I think Trump used his birthday wish to wish the “Russia thing” away.

The birthday boy.

Donald Trump got two big presents for his 71st birthday: the notoriety that comes with having historically low approval ratings and an investigation into obstruction of justice. Isn’t that special? Not everyone gets to be the target of an investigation by a special counsel. Happy birthday! Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

Really, though, I think it was inevitable that Trump would come under investigation for something or other eventually. Might as well be obstruction of justice. And Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee didn’t help. It was a mess. Sessions appeared fidgety and nervous, and who would have thought that he had such a poor memory? The phrase “I don’t recall” popped up numerous times. And I find his excuse for not answering questions regarding his interactions with Trump ridiculous, claiming that it was “policy” (or maybe “principle,” he didn’t seem sure) to reserve a president’s executive privilege, even if that privilege has not yet been invoked(!). I think his testimony, though, was valuable for this reason. We can now just catalog all those questions he refused to answer and go after them.

But I have to say, not all of the senators were very good at questioning him. Some Republicans were laughably chummy and easy on Sessions, while some Democrats were unproductively combative. I did notice that Sessions had a particular tactic for dealing with his interrogators. It was particularly evident in his interaction with Sen. Kamala Harris (an interaction that also showed, by the way, the Republican bias in the Committee favoring Sessions). To Jeff Sessions a yes/no question requires babbling about anything that vaguely has to do with the topic of the question, including his thoughts and speculations at the time, irrelevant events leading up to the topic of the question and basically anything else he could say to use up the allotted five minutes each Senator had to ask questions, all in a slow, southern drawl. Sessions would have failed an audition for the old TV show Dragnet.

But really, I think Trump got the bestest most awesomest birthday ever. Happy birthday, you turd.

BTW, June 14 is also Flag Day, something that Trump wants you to remember coincides with his birthday and the birthday of the US Army, with is about the only thing that they share in common.


The Trump-Russia plot thickens: Sessions deceptive regarding contact with Russia

Looks like newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in trouble. During his confirmation hearings, Sessions failed to disclose two meetings with Russian envoy Sergey Kislyak. In fact, he denied any contact with Russia during his confirmation hearings, which are conducted under oath.

Now he says, “I never met with any Russian officials to discuss the issues of the campaign.” “…to discuss issues of the campaign.” Hmmm.

Sort of like saying, “I never went to Disneyland,” and then saying, “I never went to Disneyland to have fun,” when caught at Disneyland.

But you still went to Disneyland, asshole! And you lied about it. Incredibly lame.

The Trump-Russia connection is too big to ignore, but it’s also too big to hide. With Jeff Sessions as Attorney General the Trump administration has a large amount of influence with the progress of the investigation. Now that we know that sessions is shady, we need to get him out and conduct an independent bipartisan investigation.

I get the feeling that in America¬† we are generally averse to prosecuting high-level officials for wrongdoing. Part of this is the “rank has its privileges” mentality, as with the case of David Petraeus, but also, I think, we are generally unwilling to accept the fact that corruption happens here. After all, this is America. Correct, it is not supposed to happen here, but it does. You can’t molly coddle the public with a false sense of righteousness if justice is to prevail.

Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn and anyone else involved in this affair need to be investigated and prosecuted no matter what their positions may be, up to and including the President himself.